Whether you are a zombie, cat, or celebrity this Halloween, cosmetic contacts might be that one ingredient that pulls your costume all together. Making your eyes pop doesn’t need to put them at risk this Halloween, follow these simple tips to keep your eyes healthy. Don’t let an eye infection become your horror story.

1. Get a contact lens prescription

Contact lenses must fit your eye properly.  See your local eye doctor to give you a prescription for the specific size and curve of contact lens you need.  It is a common misconception that you do not need an RX to buy non-prescription contacts.  

2. Find a reputable contact lens retailer

Do not buy contact lenses from stores that do not require a contact lens RX.  These stores are not FDA approved and are selling contact lenses illegally.  You will be at risk of eye infection, corneal scarring or even blindness if you buy and use contacts from a seller with no oversight.

3. Plan ahead

Cosmetic contact lenses are often made to order and may take awhile to ship or may even be back ordered.  To be sure you have the style you need in time to impress, order your contacts as soon as possible!

At Provision Eyecare we want you to wow this Halloween, but we also care about your eyes and your vision.  We offer cosmetics contacts that are FDA approved and won’t put you at risk.  See the photo below for all styles that we offer. Each lens is $35 (unless you have a specialty RX).  Call us today to purchase your cosmetic contacts.

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