Do you currently wear contacts? Interested in making the switch from glasses to contacts? In order to maintain your contact lens prescription, you must see an optometrist for an annual eye exam. This is not to be confused with the routine Eye Exam that Provision Eyecare offers.

Think of a Contact Lens exam as a comprehensive Eye Exam Plus. All testing and procedures done in the comprehensive eye exam are performed in the Contact Lens Exam, plus additional testing to check if your prescription changed and to evaluate the health of your cornea. Contacts have a significant effect on your cornea, usually changing the thickness or shape of your cornea, as well as decreasing the amount of oxygen that gets to the eye. We will address all of these common contact health concerns in this exam as well as ensure that your contacts are fitted properly and that your prescription is up to date.

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In rare cases, some patients develop Keratoconus, or a misshapen eye, where they will need special fit contacts. Dr. Jackson advances in speciality contact lens fittings for even the most challenging scenarios.

Once we are through with all testing and fitting, we will discuss your contact lens preferences that best align with your lifestyle, such as choosing between daily disposables or overnight wear and even using the contacts to alter your eye color.

If you do not currently wear contacts and are not interested in getting prescribed in the nearby future, we recommend a comprehensive Eye Exam, where our optometrists test your vision as well as take a microscopic peek into your overall health through the vessels in your eyes.

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